Let's Celebrate Japanese Children's Day, こどものひ

👇 Enjoy Your Children's Day Activity Kit!

Children's Day Information Booklet

This stunning Children’s Day Information booklet will keep your kids busy! Your kids can learn about Children’s Day, enjoy Origami Kabuto activity, read こいのぼり lyrics, write some Japanese words related to this day and even do word search! 

Children's Day Information video

Enjoy watching this Information video with your kids and feel こどものひ!Your kids can learn some Japanese words related to this special day. 

Origami Tutorial Video

Love origami? Watch this tutorial video and make your own Origami Kabuto! If you use bigger sheet of paper, you can put it on!

Koinobori Song video

Let’s sing the popular Children’s Day Song called こいのぼり!You can find the lyrics and the translation in the booklet above. 

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