Thank you for Enrolling!

4-day Japanese Workshop
for Small Kids
21st – 24th May

Before We Start...

1) Check your inbox to find the welcome email. It might go into your spam box so please find it and rescue it! You can find all the details you want to know inside.

2) Click the link button below to join our closed Facebook community. I’ll be hosting the daily Q&A live sessions and also offering extra support in it. You’ll also connect other parents who have the same passion and support each other.

3) Prepare a base of your kids’ interactive book. In this workshop, we’ll create an Japanese interactive book together. If you have, you can use a paper folder to paste all small creations we’ll do in this workshop. If you don’t have a paper folder, that’s OK. You can use a cereal box or any thick paper. I’ll give you an easy instruction video inside our Facebook group. So check it out.

4) Get Excited!🎉

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