Free Lesson: My First Japanese

#1 Watch This Word Video

The Animal Word Video

Enjoy this Japanese Animal Word Video so that they can understand how to call each animal in Japanese and how to pronounce it accurately! 

#2 Download The Flashcards

The Printable Flashcards

Your kids can learn Japanese animal words with these lovely printable flashcards.

Click Here to Download

#3 Watch The Video Tutorial:
How to Use The Flashcards

The Video Tutorial

Not sure how to use these lovely Flashcards to maximise your kids’ learning? I walk you through how to use them effectively. After watching this video tutorial, you’ll be a flashcard master!

There are many parents just like you who successfully raise their kids to master Japanese.
Results are just amazing, but actually, they started from the baby step and built a solid foundation of Japanese knowledge inside their kids gradually.

You can do it.

If you are overwhelmed how to start your kids’ Japanese learning, “I can read Japanese: Foundation Stage 1” can help.

This program was specifically designed for young kids who want to start learning Japanese as a first step.
In this “Foundation Stage 1,” your kids can memorize 50 basic Japanese words and how to read them correctly.

It’s broken down into 8 themes so your kids can focus just a few words each time.

I’ll walk you through the process of learning, so you know exactly how to teach Japanese to your kids with this course, without getting sidetracked by all the usual frustrations.

As soon as you enroll “I Can Read Japanese: Foundation Stage 1,” you’ll get access to the virtual lesson room where you’ll immediately get started with the first lesson.

The first Welcome section explains how to use this course to maximize your kids’ learning. You’ll be confident to support your kids.

Each theme contains 3 lesson videos, 1 set of printable flashcards, a mini book, and a quiz video.

All the materials are ready to use, so your kids dive into Japanese world immediately! It saves your time, and your kids will be eager to learn more.

When your kids finish this course, they’ll master basic 50 Japanese words with full confidence that they can recognize and read them perfectly. And when they grow up, they’ll appreciate your decision to support their learning early enough.

Enroll “I can read Japanese: Foundation Stage 1” now.
Click the button to make your dream come true.

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